Spotted Mule
Wall Stalls & Tail Alerts
Hoof prints cutting into the trail,
Bonding of human & equine are frail.
With out stretched arms, crooked and bent,
The Brambles and bushes creek and vent.
Where only whispering echoes elude,
Contentment and solitude protrude.
Regardless of Present, Future or Past,
Hope and dreams make memories last.

   Spotted Mule
   Wall Stalls & Tail Alerts


    Shadow Boxes for Equine Enthusiasts
Designed using Victorian Hair Art Methods

Handmade Horse hair flowers and designs
he special gift for anyone who has that loving attachment to a favorite equine,
is a equine lover or decorating with a western theme. 
"Wall Stalls” contain equine items used by riders of horses, ponies, donkey’s or mules.
Each Stall is unique in design, incorporating
handmade flowers from 100% horsehair
of either natural or dyed colors.  Every flower is individually made from horse hair by hand. 
No two flowers are alike, just as every shadow box design is unique. 
The methods used to create these flowers are  the lost art of Victorian Hair Art
This is not Braided or Hitched Horsehair work.
Victorian Hair Art Wreaths have been traced back as far as the 12 century. 
Victorian Hair Art was used as a form of family genealogy records.  Often referred to as Mourning Wreaths.  Many Wreaths taking lifetimes to finish. 
Victorian Hair Art Wreaths were normally made of Human or Horse hair.  Some had added  personal items such as pictures, brooches, poems, etc.  The techniques used in Victorian Hair Art Wreaths is not the same used to make Hair Art Jewelry.    
We are taking the Victorian Hair Art method and custom designing "Wall Stalls" for you to Honor a show winning equine or in Memory of a lost companion.
Tail Alerts

Pick up your heals and swish your tail...Tail Alerts are an Equine Awareness. 
The renewal of an old custom could help prevent many tail riding accidents. 
Our Tail Alerts can be used season after season and from horse to horse. 
Check  out the Tail Alert page.

Your equines tail is more than
a beautiful flowing fly swatter!

Horsehair has been used for various purposes through out history.

Some still used today, many forgotten with time.  
Civil war doctors used boiled horsehair as suture material on the battle field.
When placed on pottery before firing, it left wonderful Smokey patterns &
Horsehair was used in upholstery material, instrument strings, plaster and brushes.

Hitching or braiding horsehair is used to make jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces,
earrings, barrettes, hat bands, key chains, watch fobs and belts.
Horsehair has been used for various purposes thought history.
Flowers for decorating our Wall Stalls!

Pre-Designed Wall Stalls

We offer a large assortment of pre-Designed Wall Stalls.  Ready for any occasion from, 
a simple thank you, hospital  cheer up gift,  event trophies, or wedding gift.
Take time to walk through our Pre-Designed Wall Stalls on our Wall Stall page.
                    Custom order Wall Stalls            
The perfect memento representing the symbolic bond between a person
and their horse, pony, donkey or mule. 
Wall Stalls Can be custom created with flowers made from your favorite equines tail hair,
embellished with a personal horseshoe.
Hoof prints on the trail or in the arena can be remembered for years.
Loving such a creature can melt ones heart.
Handmade and a special life long treasure from your equine riding partner or pasture friend.
Custom Wall Stalls allow for cherish memories of their running in pastures,
shaking heads, ground pawing and sniffing pockets while treat searching.
Remember the time they pulled you through with their strength and
you survived because of bonded trust.
Check  out the custom order page.

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If you have purchased a pre-designed Wall Stall or had us design a custom Wall Stall for you please take time to leave a message.  Your comments and/or suggestions are always welcome on our Guest Book page.

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Worthy mention: 
This site is named after my Riding Partner!
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